8 thoughts on “Month End Recap – December 2013

  1. Well done!! :) I did hit my one major goal which was to put $5K into our new TFSA! I’m kinda shocked that I was able to hit that in under a year, but I did it and i’m happy camper!

  2. Nicely done indeed! I’m waiting for the dust to settle between my new mortgage (now in two parts + offset), as things were all in flux over the holidays. I did get a valuation though with the new mortgage, and sadly in 2 years, the place only appreciated $10k. Better than a kick in the pants, but you know, I’d love it to have been more, of course.

    Nice work with rebuilding your retirement fund – mine is super bulked up, which I really like. Others caution against it, but at this age, i can handle the extra I contribute, and hopefully it’ll cover the leaner times, like when I might take maternity leave.

    Aren’t you nice being a helper elf you!

    • You’re right, $10k is better than a kick in the pants! I know what you mean though. If my valuation only goes up $3k this year I’ll be in the same boat as you. *fingers crossed*

      My retirement account is nearly twice what it was when I emptied it 4 years ago, so I’m content with where it is now. It should be much larger considering I opened it over 10 years ago, but again, it’s better than a kick in the pants! I’m hoping to not touch it again. I’m hoping by the time I need to take mat leave I’ll have money saved in my TFSA for it.

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